First National Press Releases

Media Release - 23 September 2019


First National Real Estate in conjunction with the Seven Network has proudly announced its 2020 coast-to-coast sponsorship of the Seven News Young Achiever Awards.
The 400 office-strong network is aiming to bring recognition to young people who are making a difference through two key categories - The First National Real Estate Leadership Award and the First National Real Estate Innovation Award.
Conducted on a state-by-state basis, the awards highlight and acknowledge the achievements of young Australians, providing motivation, encouragement and role models for all young Australians at all levels in their chosen field of endeavour.
The network begins its search this month across South Australia for young individuals under 29 who wish to nominate in the category of the First National Real Estate Leadership Award.
‘Tenacity, dedication, passion, selflessness and confidence are the key qualities of those amazing young people who are the “leaders” and driving force in our communities’ says First National Lewis Prior principal, Brett Lewis.
‘These young people are making a significant difference amongst their peers and the First National Real Estate Leadership Award acknowledges the example they set, while inspiring others to pursue their ambitions more actively. If you know somebody in our community that deserves recognition for the work they are doing, please put their name forward now.’
To submit a nomination, people are asked to visit and select ‘nominated now’. Alternatively, they can also call 1300 735 445 and pass the details on to Young Achiever Awards Australia.

Media Release - 11 June 2019


With winter now upon us, the principal of First National Real Estate Lewis Prior Brett Lewis, is reminding both home sellers and tenants to be winter smart safe.
From checking smoke alarms, electric blankets and property heating right though to mould assessment and slippage risks, Brett has listed the top winter smart safety tips for Australians selling and renting properties.
With more property fires occurring in winter than any other time of the year, it’s important that homeowners and tenants check all smoke alarms – test batteries monthly and clear dust regularly’ says Brett.
‘It’s also vital to be aware of the four types of open flued gas heaters that have recently been the subject of safety alerts. Some of them might be a lot newer that you would think.’
Winter smart safety tips include:

  • If your property isn’t fitted with a smoke alarm, do so immediately and, if renting, notify your property manager for urgent action
  • Use and maintain electric blankets according to their instructions (to avoid overheating as well as potential fires) and replace if more than 10 years old – only use electric blankets to warm the bed and always switch off prior to getting in
  • If your gas heater doesn’t have a flue, service it regularly (every 2 years by a licensed gas fitter) and make sure the room it is being used in, is well ventilated – never use an un-flued gas heater in rooms with no permanent ventilation
  • Electric heaters must be checked for obvious damage including rusted reflectors and the power cord
  • Properties with fireplaces need to ensure the chimney is clean and properly ventilated with a screen in front of it when it is in use
  • Don’t ever leave portable heaters in places where people and/or pets could knock them over and keep wet clothing at least one metre away from heating
  • Clean the lint filter of your clothes-dryer each and every time you use it as built up lint can catch fire
  • Ensure you have a family escape plan – plan ways out of your property, decide on meeting location and keep exits clear as blocked pathways are a hazard
  • Poor ventilation in a home is the main cause of mould – with shorter days, less sunshine and windows mostly kept closed, windows and walls can become traps for mould.  Landlords should consider installing exhaust fans and ensure windows can be opened with ease so that tenants can open during warmer and sunnier times of the day
  • Winter also sees a higher chance of slippage risks with the build-up of moss, mildew and algae in damp, shady patios, pathways, driveways and stairways – prevent and maintain with regular sweeping, shrub/tree trimming and a good clean with a high-pressure water blaster
  • Lastly, check and monitor product recalls and national safety alerts via – just recently, four open flued gas heaters (Regency i31 – purchased after 1 January 2010, Regency F38 and FG38 – purchased after 1 January 2006, Nectre 2000 – manufactured from 2007 and Real Flame Pyrotech – manufactured from 2012) failed safety tests and a national safety alert was issued for owners to stop using them.

Media Release - 30 April 2019


First National Real Estate Lewis Prior is proud to announce that it is partnering with Kids Helpline, Australia’s only free, private and confidential 24/7 online and phone counselling service for children and young people aged 5 to 25.
The national helpline has responded to more than 8 million contacts over the past 28 years, helping children; young people and families manage the challenges of life, so they know they are not alone and can contact somebody any time and for any reason.

‘First National Real Estate is proud to support Kids Helpline to enable them to be there to help children and young people access the free confidential counselling support they need to cope with problems like cyber-bullying, depression, homelessness, mental health or suicidal thoughts’ says First National Lewis Prior principal, Brett Lewis.
‘The service aligns perfectly with First National’s we put you first philosophy because it puts the families that live in our members’ communities first. We want to help Kids Helpline respond to more contacts for support than ever before, at any time, for any reason, because all children and young people deserve to be heard’.
Every 90 seconds, someone’s son or daughter, grandchild, niece, nephew, neighbour or friend gets in contact with Kids Helpline via its free call number or web chat service. With First National Real Estate’s support, Kids Helpline will become more powerful and better known across Australia.
‘By supporting Kids Helpline and working to raise awareness of the excellent support it provides young Australians, First National Real Estate is helping secure this important counselling resource and we are certain this will have a positive impact on the families we serve on a daily basis’ says Brett Lewis.

Media Release - 25 February 2019


First National Real Estate Lewis Prior was recognised for outstanding achievement at the General Excellence and Marketing Awards, held at Adelaide’s Intercontinental Hotel on Friday night.
The awards recognised the best of First National’s SA/NT agents throughout 2018, with the top 10 individuals and offices now competing for national GEM Awards, which hold the chance of an expenses paid trip to the National Association of Realtors conference in San Francisco this November for top 10 national winners.
First National Lewis Prior Principal, Brett Lewis, says the results show how successfully his staff leveraged the network’s customer acquisition strategy to overcome weaker market conditions in 2018, and still deliver outstanding results for clients.
‘Nothing beats hard work and a solid commitment to delivering for customers. That is exactly what our staff did in 2018’ Brett Lewis said.
At the presentation, First National Lewis Prior received the following awards:

  • Top 10 Sales Office of the Year

  • Top 10 Property Management Department of the Year

  • Highest Property Management Gross Revenue

Key staff members were also recognised for their individual performances:

  • Brett Lewis received the Top 10 Salesperson of the Year award & the Gold award

  • Greg Lewis received the Silver award

  • Nick Rogers received the Silver award

  • Karlie Larson received the Business Development Manager of the Year award

  • Krista Eime received the Administrator of the Year award

Brett Lewis said the First National GEM Awards are an important event as they as they encourage First National’s agents to aspire to an ongoing process of performance improvement that benefits customers.